Website Redesign


This was the second Webflow website I created. I spent hours outside of work to learn Webflow in a few weeks.

This was a redesign and migration from WordPress to Webflow. We took the opportunity of a redesign to migrate the content and audit the website. My team met with other departments to determine the needs of the  website.

I art directed, designed, and developed this site along with my coworkers at the time. While I did not create all the animations and illustrations themselves, I created storyboards and oversaw the animations and illustrations. As a team, we brainstormed the copy and direction of the website rebrand. I then brought everything together from countless brainstorm sessions to create the site. I could not have done it without my team.

Personal Highlights:

This was a challenging project because of the timeline, deadline, and use of new tools. Incorporating scroll animations with the Lottie files was the most difficult and time consuming part because timing is everything.

video preview
April 2021
CMS Platform:

Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Lottie

Other credits:

Animation - Dan B.

Illustration - Kristen L.

Copywriting - Bri S.

Project Role: 
Lead Visual Designer
Axiom Admin
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Depending on the date of completion of this project, the website may no longer be the same. The video preview (if available) will be the best representation of the website.
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