have fun. dig deep. stretch.

The above phrase comes from my favorite poem; they represent three principles I try to follow.

have fun—in what you do.

dig deep—think critically and be resourceful.

stretch—be willing to expand, learn and grow.

Hi, I'm Sherry.

I am a jack-of-all-trades. I don't consider myself an expert or specialist because I'm always learning. I consider myself a generalist. I know a little about everything—enough to be dangerous.

I am:

  • versatile & flexible. Being a freelancer requires me to be able to change course, adapt and do different things as they come up.
  • adept in many things. I enjoy learning new things. Right now I'm learning Figma.
  • team player and autonomous. I enjoy collaborating with others and getting feedback but I can also work alone.

I’ve been freelancing on and off since 2012. I have over 10 years of experience in graphic design with emphasis on digital design or multimedia design.

I work with large and small businesses to solve their problems with print or digital design. Because of my sporadic work history of projects, my portfolio will seem sparse since my freelance projects have been intermingled with employer work that is sometimes protected under NDAs. Projects shown in my portfolio are public projects. If you need examples of other types of work, let's chat.

My design philosophy is to create something that solves the needs of the client. Therefore, you will not see a ‘style’ represented in my work.

I have had the opportunity in the past to work with companies like AMC Theatres1, Sporting Club/Sporting Kansas City2 and Kansas City Chiefs2. Please reach out to me to discuss what I can do for you. I’d love to start a conversation.

1 As a freelancer. 2 With an employer

If I'm not designing, I'm building (renovating my house) or making something. My latest obsession is 3D printing (resin), electronics and programming. I'm currently prototyping a smart water bowl for my dog.

let's create together