Motion Graphics


Client wanted an explainer video to go over the benefits of their system. We created a script and storyboarded the scenes with the key decision makers.

Personal Highlights:

This was a long project for me because I was learning parts of After Effects as I went. I also learned how to illustrate a couple graphics (the unit, kiosk, clock) in isometric. Luckily I had a lot of reference materials from the stock graphics I pieced together to tell the entire story.

video preview
CMS Platform:

Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Procreate

Other credits:

Co-Art Director - Liv V.

VO - Jay W.

Most illustrations from Envato Elements.

Project Role: 
Art Director
Black Widow Imaging
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Depending on the date of completion of this project, the website may no longer be the same. The video preview (if available) will be the best representation of the website.
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