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The Auto Tech Effect series originated as an in-person speaker event but due to the pandemic, we pivoted to virtual interviews. Because of this, we needed a website to promote and market the series. This was the first website I created in Webflow. I took the opportunity to design and develop a small website to get myself familiar with Webflow in preparation for our larger website redesign.

The utilization of the CMS to organize the speakers made it easy to update each speaker's video and information.

Personal Highlights:

Since this was my first take on Webflow, I took time outside of work hours to learn about Webflow, including interactions and page scroll animations. I really enjoyed working in a low-code/no-code environment that Webflow provided. I had a lot more flexibility to make my design come to life compared to WordPress.

video preview
CMS Platform:

Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, Vimeo

Other credits:
Project Role: 
Lead Visual Designer
Axiom Admin
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Depending on the date of completion of this project, the website may no longer be the same. The video preview (if available) will be the best representation of the website.
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